• When it comes to selecting equipment for winter riding, finding the right wheels is extremely important. However, finding a set of wheels that are durable, versatile, great to ride and at an affordable price can be tricky. Fulcrum have designed wheelsets that are able to cope with gravel, cyclocross and wet winter roads, ensuring that they can deal with the harshest winter conditions.

    Fulcrum Racing 4

    Racing 4

    The Racing 4 is the perfect wheel for riders who believe that a winter ride does not have to be a slow ride. With its 35mm deep rims, combined with the extra stopping power that disc brakes provide; speed and practicality have been Fulcrum's main considerations when designing the R4. At an extremely competitive price and weighing a respectable 1690g for deep section disc wheel, the R4 strikes the perfect balance between usability and performance that you would expect from a good mid-range wheel. Fulcrum have also introduced a new '2-way fit' system, meaning that the R4 can be run using tubeless tyres as well as clinchers. 

    Find out more about the Racing 4 here

    Fulcrum Racing 6

    Racing 6

    For riders that are slightly less concerned with performance and speed when considering winter wheels, the Racing 6 provides a more affordable option. Despite its smaller price tag the R6 is still an excellent, simple and reliable winter wheel. Due to the fact that it has a shallower rim depth of 26mm it has remained relatively light, weighing just 1690g - the same as the higher spec R4. Like the R4, the R6 also comes '2-way fit ready' providing an added layer of versatility and its disc brake compatibility makes it an ideal winter wheel.

    Find out more about the Racing 6 here

    Fulcrum Racing 7

    Racing 7

    The Racing 7 is one of the most versatile wheels in the Fulcrum range. Designed to perform on both road and gravel, the R7 comes with a rim that is perfect for tyres that range from 28mm to 50mm. The R7 even comes in a cyclocross specific variant. Weighing in at 1740g the R7 may not be the lightest wheel on the market, but what it lacks in lightness it makes up for in toughness and reliability. As with the R4 and R6 the R7 also comes with Fulcrum's '2-way fit system' and is available in both disc brake and calliper brake versions. 

    Find out more about the Racing 7 here

  • Cold feet will now be a thing of the past with the latest range of Northwave GTX winter boots. Northwave have designed their GTX range to keep you riding through autumn and winter, utilising the latest Gore-Tex membrane technology to keep your feet warm and dry whilst you ride. Specially designed for winter weather, the GTX boots have been equipped for temperatures well below freezing, with an extra layer of thermal coating placed over the toes. Safety has also been a key consideration with the inclusion of the 360° reflective inserts, making the GTX range ideal for riding through the dark winter evenings. All the boots in the GTX performance and pro ranges also come equipped with carbon soles, providing excellent power transfer and a brilliant ride quality.


    Raptor GTX in Camo and Orange



    The Raptor GTX and Raptor Arctic GTX have been designed for the optimum power transfer and maximum grip required in a MTB boot. The Jaws Carbon Reinforced sole boasts a stiffness index rating of 8.0 and has a natural rubber tread for enhanced grip. The ultra-snug fitting upper with BioMap Aero Overlap construction also reduces aerodynamic drag, making for a faster and more versatile performance boot.


    Flash Arctic GTX in Fluro



    The new Flash GTX and Flash Arctic GTX have been specially crafted to deal with the specifics of road riding during winter. As well as being designed for warmth and comfort the Flash has also been crafted with performance in mind. Like the Raptor, it too has BioMap Aero Overlap construction to reduce aerodynamic drag. The flash also comes equipped with an NRG Air carbon reinforced sole for the extra stiffness and power transfer needed in a performance road boot.  


    Extreme XCM GTX in Black



    With the Extreme RR GTX and Extreme XCM GTX you get a boot that is built to handle temperatures as low as -15°. The new X-Frame construction provides the snuggest fit with no pressure points maximising warmth and comfort even in the harshest conditions.

  • With the clocks having gone back and winter fast approaching, the Gemini lights range will help you be seen and safe whilst you ride through the winter. Gemini lights have been designed with power in mind, ensuring that you'll have great visibility no matter where you ride. With options from 200lm to 4,000lm there is a light to suit any riding style or location. All Gemini lights are well equipped to deal with harsh winter conditions and certified with Ingress Protection rating of IP65 meaning that they are dust, dirt, and water repellent. Each light is also fitted with LED thermal and charging protection to prevent any chance of overheating or burning out.  

    Gemini Titan


    The Titan is the flagship light of the Gemini range. Inspired by endurance desert racing and designed for technical trail riding at night, the titan is made up of three combined Duo lights and boasts an impressive 4,000lm brightness. When equipped with the eight-cell battery pack the Titan can run at full power for close to 3 hours and almost 24 hours when running at 400lm. The Titan also comes with a wireless handlebar remote making it easy to change between brightness modes without having to take your hands off the bars. It even has a 'dip' mode for riding in traffic. Weighing in at 550g when fitted with the eight-cell battery, the Titan is impressively light considering its power and battery life, making it a class leading product.

    Gemini Olympia


    The Olympia provides a slightly lighter but still powerful lighting option, offering up to 2,100lm and weighing more than 100g less than the Titan. Unlike the Titan the Olympia can be helmet mounted, providing a more dynamic and flexible lighting solution. With its six-cell battery pack it will run at 400lm for just shy of 10 hours and at 2,100lm for nearly 3 hours. The Olympia also comes with remote wireless handlebar control. 

    Gemini Xera


    The Xera is the most compact lighting option available from Gemini, weighing just 284g including the four-cell battery pack. Despite its small size and weight, it will still kick out an impressive 950lm for 4 hours and 200lms for 17 hours. Like the Olympia the Xena can also be helmet mounted making it a brilliantly versatile, lightweight option.