• 02 Jan 2018

    New Argon 18 Krypton

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    Introducing the New Krypton CS and Krypton GF 

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    These are no run-of-the-mill endurance bikes. Engineered for maximum performance, with no sacrifice in comfort, the krypton family is made for the most demanding rides whatever the road surface. They are ideal for gran fondos, allowing riders tackle formidable climbs, vertiginous descents, and everything in between. They are perfectly suited for discerning cyclists who seek a performance bike without the comfort sacrifices of pure race geometry.


    Argon 18 didn't simply change the existing race geometry for this new bike, instead, they carried over key aspects and constructed something completely unique.


    Radical shape optimized for best balance of vibration absorption and control.


    Frame and fork concept that offers exceptional vertical compliance and reacts positively to road-induced vibrations while remaining impervious to lateral movement, thus ensuring maximum pedaling efficiency for optimal performance.


    Aerodynamically efficient frame and fork designs for better performance and riding pleasure.  


    Choose your Krypton...


    Choose KRYPTON CS for renowned Argon 18 engineering, performance and design


    Choose KRYPTON GF for the ultimate endurance bike - a more advanced lay up leading to a lighter and even higher performing frame.



    krypton cs



    krypton gf

  • The first Cycling Weekly Editor's choice brings together their favourite gear that they have reviewed throughout 2017. We are pleased that some of the products we distribute have made the selection as some of Cycling Weekly's favourites.

    Orro Gold STC Ultegra Di2

    Orro Gold STC Ultegra Di2

    "Orro calls the Gold STC its figurehead – it’s a bike specifically designed for gran fondo riding made from a striking-looking specialist carbon-fibre from fellow British brand Sigmatex. We’ve been impressed with the detail that’s gone into the design of the Orro Gold STC Ultegra Di2 – it not only looks beautiful but has a stunning ride feel, landing it a well deserved spot in Editor’s Choice 2017."

    Fulcrum Zero Carbon Wheelset

    Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon Wheelset

    "The Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon wheelset is a carbon/aluminium hybrid with a UD carbon rim and aero straight-pull spokes. While that might sound like a whole bunch of technical jargon, the result is laid bare out on the road: these are a stiff and agile set of wheels that will improve the performance of any ride and well deserve their spot in Cycling Weekly Editor’s Choice 2017."

    Prologo Scratch 2 CPC PAS

    Prologo Scratch 2 CPC PAS Saddle

    "Saddles are a very personal contact point, and it’s hard to pin point the ‘very best’. However, there are a few that we’ve found suit the vast majority of testers. The Prologo Scratch 2 CPC PAS saddle is a road going option with some of the brand’s top tech thrown in – and we found it to be very comfortable, hence it’s an Editor’s Choice award winner 2017."

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