Bkool Smart Bike on show at the SFN EXPO 2018

Bkool Smart Bike on show at the SFN EXPO 2018

Leading smart trainer producers Bkool will be at the inspirational health and fitness weekend of the year this October

Indoor training can be a chore. However, it need not be that way. At Bkool they specialise in making indoor training fun and accessible as well as effective and strategic. The Bkool Smart Bike is an excellent example of the marriage between effective training and an enjoyable workout.

With automatic resistance control, the pedal resistance adjusts to match the power output of the rider. A quick FTP test creates a personalized resistance setting designed to help you reach your goals. As the rider’s fitness level improves, Bkool’s Smart Bike will adapt to the increased rider fitness ensuring that it delivers the perfect training experience.

As the only smart trainer producers that also make their own training simulator, Bkool are able to tailor training to get the most out of every rider and also provide a fun platform for riders to connect with each other on. Ride in Velodrome’s, on Alpe d’Huez and even follow stages of the Vuelta.

This October Bkool will be showcasing their new smart bike at the SFN EXPO at the SEC Centre in Glasgow. SFN EXPO is a health and fitness exhibition, welcoming all for a high-energy weekend packed full of inspirational people, live events, brands, demos, classes, workshops, seminars, Q+A sessions and much more.

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