New Fulcrum Speed 40 DB

New Fulcrum Speed 40 DB

While the entire range of Fulcrum wheels can boast adding performance to any bike, the new Speed 40 DB wheels provide the highest level of performance suitable even for pro bikes.

First introduced in tubular format for rim brakes, for those same professional riders, the Speed family has grown to offer a wide variety of solutions as a top-performance wheelset. The latest in this long line of innovations comes in the form of perhaps the most versatile and certainly most modern wheelset in the history of the Speed range.

The newest member of the Speed family is a fantastic example of a wheelset that takes into account the ever-changing trends in the road scene. The Speed 40 DB is a top-end, full-carbon road racing wheelset that was designed specifically around the needs of disc brake wheels. However, the carbon fibre rim with twill carbon finishing has lost none of the stiffness or lightness seen in previous iterations of the Speed 40. As with many of the latest Fulcrum wheels, the Speed 40 DB incorporates Fulcrums 2-Way Fit system into the rim design, allowing users to run the wheelset with both clincher and tubeless setups. The undrilled carbon fibre rim production methods used on the Speed 40 DB not only allow for an easier tubeless setup but also makes for a sturdier, stronger structure capable of withstanding even the toughest racing situations.

Wider tyres are becoming ever more popular with not only amature riders but also professionals too. The need for versatile tyre choice is catered for by the more modern, wider rim which works much better with wider tyres than previous models. The inner width of the rim measures in at 19mm, thus allowing for tyres 23mm or wider. This not only increases comfort and improves rolling resistance but also lets the tyres take on an even more aggressive aerodynamic shape in relation to the 40mm deep rim by keeping the tyre flush with the rim.

As a top performance racing wheelset, it needs to be far more than just aerodynamic. That’s why Fulcrum have designed the Speed 40 DB to be lightweight and smooth rolling as well as aerodynamic. Extremely efficient ceramic bearings reduce rolling resistance to keep the rider moving forward without internal friction holding him or her back. Those same bearings are housed in a carbon fibre front hub and an alloy rear hub, specifically drilled to eliminate superfluous material, in order to keep the overall weight to a respectable 1470g for a deep section disc wheelset.

As with all previous models of Fulcrum Speed wheels the Speed 40 DB is a fantastic wheelset for a specific use and for those looking for a specific outcome: winning races. Fulcrum Speed 40 DB wheels meet both the needs of disc brake specific design and modern tyre compatibility while also boasting the tried, tested and universally lauded Fulcrum construction standards.

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