New Bkool Trainers

New Bkool Trainers

Experience indoor cycling like never before with Bkool's new and improved range of trainers, giving Bkoolers the most realistic riding experience to date.

Air Lite

New to the Bkool range is the Air Lite, a smaller ‘Lite’ version of the Smart Air trainer. Like it’s big brother the Air Lite is designed to replicate your rear wheel, ensuring a completely realistic look and feel. Because the Air Lite is designed to work like a rear wheel, the trainer incorporates a unique frame protection system. This take any load from your frame and focuses it on the trainer itself, much like a rear wheel would out on the road, meaning you can train worry free.

Capable of generating up to 2,000W and replicating gradients of up to 20% with speeds of more than 70 km/h, the Air Lite certainly punches well above its weight.  The Air Lite’s ultra-realistic speed, cadence and power values with an error margin of less than 3% also increase immersion when training. This is aided by the fact that the Air Lite is also one of the quietest direct drive trainers on the market today, due in part to its cooling system and internal transmission system. 

Pro 3

The Pro 3 is the latest version of Bkool’s most popular smart trainer and is now even quieter, with increased precision, power and unrivalled performance. With the ability to simulate up to 1,200W and slopes of 15%, this smart trainer will help you take your training to the next level.

The Pro 3 is packed with brilliant features like Bkool’s smart resistance control. This enables the trainer to automatically adjust resistance according to the virtual route being used, giving a more realistic feel when riding. 

Go 2

The Go 2 is Bkool’s entry level trainer. It’s perfect for those riders who are newer to the sport and are looking to maintain their fitness through the winter. Much like the Pro 3 the Go 2 comes ready with Bkool’s smart resistance control, allowing for the most realistic feeling ride possible. Add to this the Go 2’s ability to simulate up to 800W and a maximum gradient of 8% and you have a trainer that is perfect for those looking to start their indoor training.

For those looking for a first-time turbo trainer one of the most important aspects is that it’s compact, light and easily storable. With its new reduced size and weight (9.9kg) the Bkool Go 2 perfectly meets both these criteria, meaning that it can be neatly and quickly packed away after any training session. 

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