A New Range of Catlike Helmets

A New Range of Catlike Helmets

The 2019 Catlike range sees the addition of new helmets as well as the improvement of old models. As Always Catlike strive to be at the forefront of innovation.

For more than 20 years, Catlike has made research and innovation a key part of its identity. The leading helmet manufacturer in Spain has had its engineers dedicate their time to designing innovative new products and new technologies. With dozens of developments and patents, Catlike has been characterized by creating products of the highest quality, based on safety, ventilation and lightness. According to these three pillars, Catlike has achieved its own and totally different identity.

It is impossible not to differentiate a Catlike product in the window of your local bike shop, on a Sunday club run or even in the peloton. The design, look and feel of their products are so unique that they have become a key component of the brand’s identity. In their latest models, Catlike has applied carbon, Clarino, graphene nano fibers, internal meshes for impact force distribution, designs with a lot of ventilation channels, making for some truly innovative designs.


A helmet that retains the brand identity, with its oval inspiration but which appears as a totally new, redesigned helmet. A semi-armoured helmet that adapts to all weather conditions thanks to the excellent ventilation system that has always been the hallmark of Catlike. All this including a heart with the strength of a rock thanks to its internal mesh of Aramid and Graphene.

Mixino Evo

Catlike has refined one of the greatest achievements of engineering in cycling helmets of the last five years, reworking the details and design. A helmet that incorporated, for the first time in history, Graphene in its internal composition, impregnating a mesh of Aramid that made the Mixino the safest helmet in the world.


Catlike has developed Vento, a new helmet concept in which ventilation and aerodynamics are the fundamental pillars. The Vento incorporates an internal mesh of aramid, which lightens the weight in the injection and allows the ventilation channels to be larger. It provides less resistance by having a large open surface, a surface that connects the incoming and outgoing ducts and optimizes aerodynamics.

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