Bkool Smart Air

Bkool Smart Air

BKool's new game changing flagship model

The Smart Air has a revolutionary realistic resistance system, designed to work on the plethora of exciting virtual environments on Bkool’s Cycling simulator. Connecting devices is a breeze, with Bluetooth Smart and Ant+ as standard.

The Smart Air allows you to push yourself on steep hills of up to 20% gradients. The built-in power meter provides essential metrics for training, and has been improved to now be accurate up to 3000W and can even reach up to 70km/h. The Smart Air can also be used to set power levels, for advanced training. As a top-end, direct drive trainer the Smart Air has sensors to offer realistic values of speed, cadence and power. With its revolutionary power measurement system through an infrared sensor, it provides data with a margin of error of less than 2%. The 6-degree rocking mechanism also makes for an even greater experience and allows for realistic pedalling motion whether seated or standing.

Noisy trainers are never a good thing and the engineers at Bkool have definitely taken that into consideration. The Bkkol Smart Air is one of the quietest direct drive trainers on the market thanks to its cooling system and its internal transmission system.

Technical characteristics

  • Dimensions: Height 71 cm x Width (between the ends of the legs) 70 cm + Length (legs included) 84 cm.
  • Weight: 24 kg
  • Communications: Bluetooth and ANT + (antenna included).
  • Compatibility with 12 mm rear axles: Yes
  • Designed to fit any road or mountain bike on the market.
  • Compatible with: Shimano or SRAM cassette from 7 to 11 V.
  • With 12 V Sunrace Cassettes for Shimano or SRAM core. BTT.
  • The Campagnolo change bikes also work perfectly with a cassette from Shimano or SRAM, or Miche or Sunrace.
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