Leading brake pad manufacturers since 1978

The international growth of the Kool-Stop name has carved out a niche in the market for quality brake pads in all areas of the cycling industry.

Leading brake pad manufacturers Koolstop began back in 1978 when Richard Everett began supplying compounds to the cycling industry. While the company was still based in Everett’s garage, Koolstop had already started to make a name for itself. Everett had designed the world’s first bicycle brake pad with an internal framework and an air-cooled heat sink, quickly gaining recognition for his innovative design.

Over the next few years Koolstop went on to carve out a niche for itself in the cycling brake pad industry, soon spreading across the Atlantic to Europe. With a European office based in the Netherlands and their brand HQ in Oregon USA, Koolstop are now able to cut shipping costs and times to customers all over the world.

Many of the Koolstop brake pads are shown off every year at bike shows around the world; including EuroBike, Friedrichshafen in the BRD, Cycle Show London and InterBike LA.