Quality, durability and craftsmanship

Quality; The best materials, Durability; built to last, Craftsmanship; made by people who are skilled and well versed in the art of design

One question dominates the process of every single product BLKTEC produce, informing their thoughts and decisions from the drawing board right through to the finished item.

That question is: What does the rider expect from this piece of equipment? Every time, it comes down to four elements: Design, Simplicity, Integrity and Performance. Performance, you could say, is the most crucial to the rider, yet without excellent design by experienced engineers who are committed to simplicity in function and form, and without an integrity of materials that are chosen, the highest possible level of performance becomes impossible.

BLKTEC guarantee that level of performance because every single one of their products undergoes rigorous, industry-accredited machine testing in our state-of-the-art engineering facility and then goes out on the road for more real-life testing by their sponsored test riders, sometimes for weeks, often for months. BLKTEC expect the same things from their products, products that they themselves ride every day. Design. Simplicity. Integrity.

Performance. Nothing is worth doing if you are not going to do it right. Demand the best. Expect the best. Ride the best.