Defeet cycling socks and accessories

Defeet UK distributor. Premium American made socks and accessories. Products with a 25 year history of winning the most demanding endurance tests on Earth. Not just once or twice, but over and over, year after year. No other brand comes remotely close to the remarkable results that have been achieved wearing DeFeet.

DeFeet started out making custom socks for clubs and teams in small batches. They've been doing it now for 25 years and ship all over the world. No one else in the industry can say that because no one else was around when they started. 

The craftspeople at DeFeet work for the same goal: to build the finest custom knit goods in the world. Their shop is special to everyone who works there because of what they have been able to achieve, together. There are many reasons DeFeet Custom products have been worn to ride, run, and ski to more titles at the highest level of sport than any other brand, but what matters most every day is that DeFeet treat your order the same as they would the Tour de France winner or the President of the United States. 

As the UK distributor for DeFeet we also handle all custom orders so if you are interested in this then please call us and we'll help you out. For more information on custom orders please contact us on 01444 243 000.


The Range:

The original DeFeet sock, the Aireator has been consistently upgraded and remains the gold standard of cycling socks. Affordable and incredibly durable, Aireator's are the most popular cycling sock the world has ever known. Available in many different cuff heights and either single or double layer cuff, the foot of the sock is the same on all of them. The name Aireator comes from the Aireator mesh weave foot top. The first sock to incorporate this type of open-mesh construction, Aireator's breathe and wick well. They are thin throughout for light weight and help maintain an efficient, close fit in performance cycling shoes. Made with CoolMax® EcoMade™ fibres that are derived from recycled resources. 


With more of a traditional look, the Classico sock is a perennial favourite for riders who like a taller, rib cuff and favour wool fibres. The thin foot fits in the closest fitting cycling shoes. The wool fibres result in a slightly higher volume (thicker) fit than the Aireator. 


We pulled out all the stops with the Cyclismo. Made in both wool and ThermoCool™ versions. Cyclismo was originally made under the direction of a World and Olympic Road Race champion who wanted some cushion under the ball of the foot. The cushion serves many purposes. It takes up a little more room in the shoe, creating a tighter fit in the forefoot of cycling shoes than the Aireator. It helps damp road vibration and eradicates any 'slipping' or movement of the foot inside the shoe. Available in 1", 3" and 5" cuff heights. 


Levitator extends the forefoot pad of the Cyclismo to cover the toes, as well. Riders who are looking for a tighter fit in the forefoot and toe are of their shoes will want to try Levitator's. Also, any rider whose toes need more protection in their shoes will also want to pedal in Levitator's. This is a popular cross-over sock for those who ride on and off road and often favour their off road shoes for road riding. 

Levitator® Lite

The opposite of its namesake the "Levitator", the lite version has no padding anywhere. The lightest sock in the cycling line, Levitator Lite is for those who want the least amount of sock inside their shoe. The feel is even thinner than the Aireator. When you need the lightest, most ventilated socks you can find, go with these. Available in "NoSeeUm", 1", and 5" cuff heights.

Levitator® Trail 

The burly member of the Levitator family that loves to get dirty. Primarily used for mountain bike riding. Padding through the foot and toes ensure a secure fit in off road shoes. For soaking up bumps and protecting against rocks, debris and abrasion, the Levitator Trail is the best there is. 


This is the short version of the Aireator. Same exact footbed, short cuff. Why did we not call it the Aireator 1", we don't know. The name fits and it stuck. 


Made for cooler temperatures, Thermeator creates a thin, lightweight layer of insulation inside the shoe. Made with Thermolite®, a fibre that helps retain body heat. The insulation does create a tighter fit in close fitting cycling shoes than the Aireator, Cyclismo and Levitator do. Keeping feet warm during those colder days on the bike helps conserve energy and increase comfort and performance.


The wool version of the Aireator. Wooleator's are a non-padded, thin sock that stands up beautifully to 4-season use. They are an even better choice any time moisture is in the forecast or when riding in mountainous terrain. Wooleator's are a favourite among our ambassadors and an absolute must have by the entire DeFeet staff. Very thin, unbelievably durable and made with the highest quality grown in USA wools, Wooleator is unique among all wool socks.

Woolie Boolie®

Perennial favourites’ for DeFeet wool fans, Woolie Boolie's are padded through the entire heel and foot bottom. Sometimes too thick for those who wear their cycling shoes super tight, Woolie Boolie's are the thickest of the DeFeet cycling socks. Those who love them say "If you can get them in your cycling shoes, they're the best you can own." We say, whether you wear for cycling or not, it's not hard to find plenty of use cases for the Woolie Boolie. For many, these are the ultimate all-around Fall/Winter cycling, outdoor, fitness and casual sock.