Why buy a SeaSucker?

Why buy a SeaSucker?

Other bike racks on the market have a problem a SeaSucker is the solution

Seasucker offer completely unique yet incredibly compatible rack systems which aren’t tied down to any roof or tow bar fitment specific only to certain brands or types of vehicle. Instead Seasucker suction racks are non-proprietary by design with an easy installation process transferrable to almost any vehicle. SeaSucker racks fit securely without the use of tools and then completely disappear in seconds, meaning no uneconomical drag on your vehicle when they aren’t required!

Rated to 95kg of pulling force each, SeaSucker suction cups feature a proven design derived from high strength vacuum equipment used to manoeuvre large sheets of plate glass in building construction applications. The vacuum process in a SeaSucker cup functions by hand pumping a trigger with a clear visual indicator to highlight installation progress, once the orange band is concealed within the pump it is safe to drive away. The cups are optimised for any clean flat surface offering versatile fitting to any pitch of vehicle roof or vertical mounting to a tailgate.

SeaSucker Talon With HUSKE fork mount and Boost adapters

The Talon rack suits riders who want a lightweight single bike rack small enough to stow in a boot or in luggage when traveling abroad. It features a stable 3 cup fork mount and a single strapped cup to keep the rear tyre in place. Hub standards keep evolving so SeaSucker engineered their HUSKE fork mount to work seamlessly with any front axle; quick release adapters are included in the box with plugs available separately to suit thru axle bikes.

Bomber racks feature the same direct fork mount system as the Talon with extended front suction boards and all the additional cups necessary to accommodate more bikes. The Bomber and Mini Bomber carry three and two bikes respectively with repositionable HUSKE mounts to avoid handlebars clashing. Bomber racks can also be adapted to carry a single wheel alongside the bike by replacing one of the fork mounts with a bolt on front wheel holder.

The Komodo is a single road bike specific rack with an inclusive one piece design for vehicles with less roof space such as sports cars and convertibles. This anodized solid aluminium rack features articulating legs giving it a minimal footprint of only 18x12 inches and also allowing it to conform to curved surfaces perfectly. The tail of this rack is used to secure the rear wheel and folds up when not in use for more compact storage. SeaSucker include adapters to secure either standard quick release or the popular new standard 12mm thru axle forks.

Specific adaptations of SeaSucker racks are trusted by the Jumbo Visma pro cycling team on their grand tour vehicles to transport up to 9 athlete bikes at once! SeaSucker are also a regular roof rack supplier to the official governing body for cycling the UCI for events around the world.

All SeaSucker parts are modular and replaceable to ensure long lasting service and adaptability for any modern bicycle. Invest in the only bicycle rack you will ever need.


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