Bicycle Maintenance During Winter

Bicycle Maintenance During Winter

Crankalicious have a complete range of products that will keep the frame and all the moving parts on your bike as good as new.

There are few things that are less pleasant for a cyclist than finding out that your beloved bicycle has begun to fall apart after overexposure to the winter elements. It has happened to the best of us. Be it a rusty chain, dirty frame or a grimy cassette, nobody wants a dirty bike. However, it can often be a messy and tedious task taking the time to make your bike look as good as new. Time that most of us would rather spend watching TV or eating dinner after a hard ride. Thankfully Crankalicious have designed their range to make the job as easy and pain free as possible. Their products are designed to remove dirt, improve the finish and protect the delicate moving parts of your bike. Crankalicious products will have it looking factory fresh in no time.


Grime, mud and salt all have a bad habit sticking to the moving parts of bikes as well as the frame and wheelset. However, that doesn’t mean there is nothing that can be done. As Crankalicious point out, all clean bikes start out as a dirty bike:

‘The cycle care process starts with a dirty bike, fresh from a long ride or in your garage ready for a good clean. First step: the removal of all that detritus and grime, so that you can then work on those surfaces beneath.’ – Crankalicious


Once the dirt and grime has been removed it is then time to apply a protective coat. These products are designed to make the finish of the frame as excellent as possible. Crankalicious have polishes and finishing products for metal and carbon frames, which will improve any bike:

‘Once the dirt and grime are gone, it's time to improve the finish. Not only will your bike look better, but protection products can bond better for superior performance.’ – Crankalicious


Before you go back out on your newly cleaned bike there is one final stage that should not be overlooked. It’s extremely important to add protective lubricants, waxes and sealants which will help guard your bike against further damage from the elements:

‘You've removed the grime. You've improved the look. Now it's time to protect that finish with our range of sealants, waxes and lubricants.’ – Crankalicious

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