Introducing the Latest Defeet Sock: The EVO

Introducing the Latest Defeet Sock: The EVO

The Next Great Evolution of the Cycling Sock

This week DeFeet International, manufacturers of performance socks and accessories for the cycling, run and outdoor markets, announced the introduction of a new sock: the EVO. The lightest production sock ever made by DeFeet, the EVO ushers in a new era in high performance cycling socks.

Developed over a two-year period with extensive input from the world’s number one ranked professional cycling squad, Team Quick-Step, the EVO line-up has three all new silhouettes.

EVO Ventoux

Named for one of the most famous gruelling and legendary climbs in the Tour de France, this model has 360-degree honeycomb venting. DeFeet chose a special yarn called Sapona for its silky feel and amazing cooling properties.

The EVO Classic

Also made from Sapona, the Classic model has a true rib knit that gives it the purest 1960’s cycling appeal. This is for riders who desire the traditional look while getting the most advanced fit and feel available.

The EVO Carbon

As its name implies, this model is made from yarn derived from carbon fibre. Light and strong, the Carbon has yet another new knit that gives legs the distinctive look of being wrapped in carbon fibre.

All EVO models have compression properties to their feel that Team Quick-Step riders found very favourable. DeFeet implemented what the team unanimously voted as the most comfortable sock for extreme challenges like the Tour de France and Paris - Roubaix.

“The feedback we received from Team Quick-Step over the last two years was invaluable in the creation of the EVO,” said Shane Cooper, DeFeet Founder and Chief Sockologist. “We collaborated with the Quick-Step team every step of the way from the drawing board, to the knitting lab, and through the actual road testing. The collaboration was invaluable and allowed us to create another unique sock for the cycling professional, as well as the recreational cyclist.”

To celebrate the launch of their new EVO line, Defeet created a one of a kind sock they call the EVO Spider Silk. Unlike any sock ever made, it is the first sock ever knit completely from the silk of the rare Giant Golden Orb Spiders of Madagascar.  In fact, this sock will be only the fourth product ever known to be made from the material!  The other items include a pair of gloves for Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife and a one of a kind bed linen. DeFeet Founder Shane Cooper will award the first of the EVO Spider Silk socks to Team Quick-Step on the eve of the start of the Tour de France in July.

“This Golden Sock will be awarded to Quick-Step management and presented on a handblown crystal foot form in its own Pelican Case on the eve of the 2018 Tour de France,” said Cooper. “This is a $5,000 pair of socks.  And, yes, you can buy a pair,” he added.

The most intriguing part of the EVO project? The innovation possibilities for spider silk. “Spider silk is actually a protein that can benefit humanity in many ways, if we can learn to synthesize it,” Cooper says. “Some labs have made progress with this, and I believe we will move beyond oil-based fibres. Nature will lead the way, if we can copy her code. DeFeet is on that trail.”

Cooper finishes by saying “Imagine fibre that is 5x stronger than steel, light-weight as a feather and can be made using methods that create far less pollution than anything that currently exists.” DeFeet believes that’s a path worth following.

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