Northwave Raptor Arctic GTX

Northwave Raptor Arctic GTX

With the cold weather setting in fast, cyclists across the UK a wrapping up ready for their winter rides.

When riding in the coldest, darkest days of mid-winter its crucial that you keep warm. Failure to do so can turn a pleasant – albeit cold – winter ride into one of the worst most painful experiences a rider can have. There is nothing fun about being underdressed for the weather and all though not many will admit it, it’s something we have all done at some point.

Perhaps the worst - and possibly the easiest - trap to fall into is failing to keep your feet sufficiently warm. It can be the hardest to judge and when we get it wrong often we are unaware of the problem until it is too late. Its often the last thing riders think about once they have put on the rest of their thermal attire.

Thankfully Northwave have designed their winter boot range to eradicate this issue. With boots like the Raptor Arctic GTX you don’t need to worry about getting cold or wet feet again. The Raptor Arctic GTX is one of the most versatile boots in the Northwave range. Specifically designed to deliver comfort, warmth and performance even in temperatures as low as -10°C. As you would expect from a winter boot they come with a waterproof barrier which also adds to the excellent thermal insulation.

As with all their shoes and boots, the Raptor Arctic GTX comes equipped with a Triple-density Speedlight 3D Carbon sole which delivers the same excellent power transfer that Northwave owners have come to expect from their shoes. The Jaws sole also supplies all the grip needed for winter rides with its aggressive tread pattern. Northwave’s iconic Climaflex collar adds the finishing touch, making the Raptor Arctic GTX a superb pair of boots to tackle winter rides.

Find out more about the Raptor Arctic GTX here!

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