Dedicated Triathlon Bikes

Thinking outside the box has helped Ceepo to develop some of the most innovative bikes ever seen, designed specifically for triathlons.

Named after one of the greatest ancient Samurai warriors, CEEPHO, Nobuyuki “Joe” Tanaka started CEEPO in Aichi, Japan in 2003.

Joe Tanaka started racing in the sport of Triathlon in 1990. Being unsatisfied with the common road bikes used in his first 2 years of racing, Joe decided to custom build his very first Triathlon racing machine. With the help of some Japanese Triathlon specialty stores, the first aluminium model was completed in 1993. When Tanaka put this new racing machine to the test at a long-distance Triathlon, he was rewarded with 90 minutes improvement over bikes he had ridden in the past.

By 2000 carbon fibre bike technology had become more popular and affordable in the bicycle industry. Tanaka realized the need to convert to carbon fibre as the advantages over conventional frame building materials were numerous. However, despite being lighter and more comfortable, most manufacturers were still designing carbon Triathlon bikes using road bike geometry. Not many focused-on Triathlon specific geometry. In the continuous search of the best Triathlon specific carbon fibre bicycles, CEEPO concept started forming its unique shape.

Tanaka started his quest for the ultimate machine by visiting various carbon frame producers. In 2002, he joined forces with a notable manufacturer from Taiwan and started with small quantity productions. Thus, CEEPO began its journey into a Triathlon specific bicycle brand.