• Tour of Sussex

    2017 ORRO Tour of Sussex

    Press Release: Route Announcement
    March 2017


    The ORRO Tour of Sussex stage race, currently in its fifth year, is delighted to announce the 2017 route map.

    Three Sixty Sport are excited to be working with ORRO bikes on this year’s event, and will be starting in their home village of Ditchling.

    Stage 1 – Ditchling Beacon Individual Time Trial – 6th July 19:00
    The 80 riders will be tackling one of the most famous ascents in the UK - Ditchling Beacon, and with thanks to Lewes District Council, will be racing on a closed road.

    With the individual time trial deciding the initial race leader (to be awarded the coveted yellow jersey), this will be hard fought. Starting from the edge of Ditchling Village and finishing at the top of the Beacon, Stage One will test the legs of even the hardiest rider. The question is, will many break the magic ‘4 minute barrier’ for the actual climb?

    This will be one of the best stages for the spectators, as each rider will make their way alone to the summit, suffering all the way in their quest for yellow.

    Stage 2 – Goodwood Team Time Trial – 7th July a.m 10:00
    Stage Two sees the ORRO Tour of Sussex visit a landmark of West Sussex; Goodwood Motor Circuit - home of the Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival.

    Starting at Goodwood Motor Circuit, Stage Two will follow a route past the Goodwood Sculpture Park and Goodwood Racecourse; finishing just short of the motor circuit gates. This stage is a team time trial, pitching the teams against each other in a short, intense battle. The Yellow Jersey will need his team to take him all the way to a fast time, to retain his lead of the race. To win a team time trial takes practice - lots of practice - as the team’s time will be taken on the third rider to cross the line!

    Stage 3 – Goodwood Motor Circuit Road Race – 7th July p.m. 17:30
    Stage Three of the ORRO Tour of Sussex revisits the motor circuit, racing in the wheel tracks of the famous Giuseppe Saronni, who was once crowned World Professional Road Race Champion here in 1982. In second place, was none other than multiple Tour de France winner, Greg Lemond.

    This stage will be fast, with time bonuses and points available throughout. Will the Yellow Jersey survive the high speed onslaught?

    Uniquely, this stage offers the chance for any British Cycling Race Licence holder to race part of the Tour of Sussex route - on Goodwood Motor Circuit, from 7.30pm until 9.00pm. (Enter here:

    Stage 4 – Ladies Mile Road Race – 8th July – 10:00
    Stage Four will be visiting Winnie the Pooh country, Ashdown Forest. With a route that is far from fluffy and friendly, this will see the riders tackling a short, but very tough circuit - known locally as ‘Ladies Mile’.

    By this point of the ORRO Tour of Sussex, our peloton will be starting to tire, with some riders starting to feel the pinch of many high-intensity efforts in their legs (and thinking about how attractive a nice cold beer would be!).  The battle for the overall win will really start here, with more time bonuses and a tough ascent to the finish; won last year by Tom Easley in fine fashion.

    Stage 5 – Beachy Head Road Race – 9th July – 10:00
    Stage Five will be the Queen stage of the ORRO Tour of Sussex; held on one of the toughest courses in the country, Beachy Head. With the beautiful backdrop of the South Downs National Park, and starting by the sea in the sunshine capital of the UK, Eastbourne, our riders will face their toughest test yet.

    Climbing out of Eastbourne, the race will be blown apart from the gun. With the yellow jersey hopefuls pushing on, leaving tired and worn out riders in their wake. Just to get through the first two miles of this stage is an achievement in itself.

    Racing onto the open headland and into the elements, this route is never easy. Hot sun is cruel and difficult, and it turns very bleak if the weather closes in. Speeding through Birling Gap and onto the main climb, our protagonists will need to focus as they climb back up to Beachy Head for the first of many laps.

    Our yellow jersey wearer will need to cover every move, watch every pretender and work very hard to keep the shirt on his back. Ultimately, this stage could decide the winner of the 2017 ORRO Tour of Sussex, and we look forward to an exciting event.

    Come along and watch, cheer our competitors on and see the yellow, green and polka dot jerseys go by.

    Join us at the Landsdowne Hotel for the final presentations on Sunday 9th July.

    With thanks to our sponsors –

    ORRO Bikes

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    Browns Bikes

    Euro Self Drive – Logistics Partner

    Goodwood Motor Circuit

    Lewes District Council

    Eastbourne Council

  • Mixino – the result of experience, quality and confidence

    The first cycling helmet to incorporate Graphene nanofibres on its inner aramid skeleton - the new Mixino is the latest evolution of Catlike design philosophy. It is a lightweight helmet that improves safety by utilsing an Aramid roll cage which provides high impact protection. A micro-dial adjust the thin arms that wrap around the inside of the helmet, and two rear supports are independently adjustable. With vertical adjustment and new lateral wings to which different thickness pads can be attached. This is a helmet that will fit nearly every head shape and allowing you to customize your comfort.


    For 2017, the Mixino is available in 14 different colours including: Neon Green, Orange, Pink and Yellow.

    Maximum safety:
    The unique Catlike design characterized for crossing nerves gives a plus in safety. Any impact will share more than one nerve splitting the crash energy on many points and absorbing it in the most efficient way.
    The helmet has an internal Aramid fibre roll cage, a material used in aerospace and ballistic applications for its strength properties. The Aramid cage provides a higher protection in case of impact supporting the entire helmet structure.

    The SEPR (Shell Extended Protection Reinforcement) on the helmet brim gives protection in case of hits preventing from deterioration because of use.

    Best ventilation:
    The helmet offers 39 big size air vents that allow a constant Air Flow from frontal to rear area and an effective cooling system. One of the most ventilated helmet in the market.

    Best Comfort:
    MPS eVo is the new ultra-light retention system. The system has 2 long and thin arms and 2 lateral ergonomics wings that allow a perfect adaptation of the head perimeter giving maximum stability.

    The rear supports on the MPS eVo rests on two points of the occipital bone freeing the central part of the head of any pressure. The supports are mobile in non-allergic and soft megol guaranteeing best stability and comfort.
    The wheel retention has a micro-metrical adjusting system in order to personalize easily the helmet adjustment with only a hand.

    Outlast® technology originally developed for NASA utilizes phase change materials (PCM) that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort. It is used for the internal padding of the helmet.

    Click here to view Catlike Mixino

    SM/ 52-54cm / 200gr
    MD/ 55-57cm / 210gr
    LG/ 58-60cm / 230gr


    ARC(aramid roll cage)
    MPS eVo
    39 Air Intakes
    MPS Evo retention and adjustment system

    Strap adjustments under ear, fore-aft and chin
    Circumference Wheel adjustment
    Cradle height adjustment
    Cradle pad width independent of circumference adjustment
    Cradle side width adjustment with removal/addition of side padding and padding holder

  • Extreme RR News

    Northwave has designed and produced their most technologically advanced shoe yet; the range topping Extreme RR. The Italian brand has introduced a new design for 2017, a stiffer sole and the revolutionary XFrame® patented technology, finally eliminating the issue most riders complain of: the pressure points on the top of the foot.

    Click here to view the Extreme RR in Black

    Click here to view the Extreme RR in Fluoro

    Extreme RR colours

    What makes Extreme RR a game changer is the combination of ultra-soft and comfortable materials with a redesigned closure that sets new benchmarks in terms of fit uniformity around the entire foot. With XFrame, the performance of Northwave’s exclusive SLW2 dial is enhanced by the innovative route of the cable on the upper, where no plastic eyelets are used to route the cable, only specially positioned textile loops.

    A complex system of angles, designed with geometric precision through these loops, creates a unique frame over the upper to provide the snuggest and most even fit ever, eliminating the pressure points while being extremely easy to adjust with only one SLW2 rotor.

    The slick and elegant design reflects Northwave’s philosophy in designing Extreme RR: less is more. Materials and components are exactly what’s needed to provide the maximum performance: that’s why Extreme RR’s weight stands at only 220 gr with high attention paid to the quality of the carbon sole. As the focal point for power transmission on the pedals, Northwave’s high performance sole Ultralight Carbon 15, is made of 100% unidirectional carbon combined with a reinforced layer, boasting a stiffness index of 15.0. Extreme RR is also compatible with Northwave’s Speedplay adaptor, for the minimum distance between foot and pedal. In addition, two footbeds with a stiffened dual density design are also provided for improved fit: Pro Regular Fit and Pro Slim Fit which features an extra 2 mm toe insert for narrow feet.

    Extreme RR Lifestyle


    • Ultralight Carbon 15 sole made of 100% unidirectional carbon combined with a reinforced layer. With a stiffness index of 15.0, this is the best-ever performing Northwave sole

    • NW Speedplay adapter compatible for the lowest stack height between foot and pedal

    • Made with Xframe® patented construction and ultralight next generation materials that are only 0.5 mm thick, the upper transfers every watt of power and provides the snuggest, even fit with no pressure points

    • SLW2 dial, the only one with step-by-step and full release in a single button

    • Integrated heel system containing directional fibre prevents any slipping

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