• Pinkbike have written a great article on Northwave here after visiting them at their headquaters in Italy.

    You can really see the attantion to detail and hard work that goes into makign their shoes from design to styling and fit. 

    Have a read below and check out the great photos taken by Pinkbike whilst there.

    Inside Northwave Shoes by Pinkbike

  • Whilst being a staple in US culture for many years, officially organised gravel events have been irregular if existing at all in Europe. Now with the almost every manufacturer making a gravel or "groad" bike, we are keen to see more of the gravel sportive events appearing.

    Introducing "La Resistance", a new event in the French Alps. From Road.CC:

    "La Resistance is a new and unique mountain road and gravel event in the Haute Savoie, conceived to honour the brave men and women of the French Resistance who lost their lives in the Alps at the Battle of the Glieres in 1944. The inaugural running of this high mountain cycling event will take place this September, based in the picturesque village of Talloires on the shores of Lake Annecy.

    La Resistance is a 130km ride with 3,200m of climbing that takes riders up to the Plateau des Glieres and tackles 2 tough road mountain climbs, 4 gravel/off road sections and goes past the National Monument to La Resistance and the Necropolis and Museum at Morette where riders are encouraged to stop and reflect. There is also the shorter route option of La Petite at only 90km with 2,200m of elevation, a ride that doesn’t ascend the Plateau but does pause at the Necropolis."

    We've got two perfect bikes such an event:

    Argon 18 Krypton X Road

    Orro Bikes Terra Gravel


    - See more at:

  • Ben Thomas, of Mountain Trax - Vauxhall, an i-ride supported athlete with Northwave shoes, finished a close second this weekend in the opening round of the Southern XC series. This puts Ben into first in the national points ranking.

    A note from Ben:

    'This past weekend I successfully raced the opening round of the Southern XC Series finishing a close second place to Phil Pearce, 2015 National XC Series champion. It's not often I race cross country events and this was a training exerice to finish off a hard 3 week block. Therefore it was encouraging to keep pace with Phil until mid way through the last lap when a little slip let a few meters gap open, that gap of 10 seconds was all that split us over the finish line. Great training ahead of the next marathon races.'

    Nice work Ben!