• The team over at Orro Bikes have revealed a unique collaboration with carbon fibre specialists SigmaTex, the results of which will be seen on their new Gold STC.


    Gold STC top tube


    In Orro’s words, the strive for perfection led them on a search to find the best carbon manufacturers in the world, a quest which led them to the UK based brand. With an impressive portfolio that includes projects in the F1, Aerospace and Defence industries, SigmaTex’s reputation is second to none. But also of note, SigmaTex and Orro share a deep rooted British heritage.

    Of particular interest to Orro was SigmaTex’s Spread Tow carbon fabric. The Unidirectional Spread Tow tapes involved have more fibres packed into a smaller space improving mechanic performance. These tapes are compiled into Spread Tow fabrics which are thinner, have more uniform strength, and are easier to manufacture with than conventional carbon fabrics. The technology, which is already at use in the NASCAR and snow sports industries, is being brought to Orro’s bike line-up with the latest Gold STC.

    Orro says the new bike is lighter, stiffer and more comfortable than the previous Gold, while improving upon its already beautiful and elegant look

    The Gold STC will be available soon, take a closer look here.

  • The London Borough of Enfield has just passed plans to implement a Dutch style cycling infrastructure, after a consulation saw 51% of residents vote in favour. 



    The scheme, which will slash the amount of motorised vehicular traffic in favour of more cycle lanes, aims to reduce injuries to cyclists by minimising interaction with motorised traffic. Under the development some streets could be completely closed to all traffic except cycles and buses.

    It is part of a drive from London Mayor Boris Johnson to increase the number of journeys made by bike in London, which means increasing TfL spending in outer London on cycling from £3m to £100m. Journeys made by bike in Enfield should rise from 0.5% to 5% under the new scheme.

    The approval of the scheme could pave the way for similar schemes across the country, in an attempt to converge cycling safety figures for the UK and the Netherlands (which has a fatality rate of less than half of the UK's).

    Keep yourself safe by staying visible with our range of high vis equipment and lights.

  • Wheel Upgrade Programme 

    We are excited to announce that a wide variety of bikes are available with a Fulcrum Racing Quattro Carbon wheel upgrade.

    They are only available if the bike and upgrade are purchased together from us and this offer is not available on bikes that have already been purchased.

    This upgrade is also only applicable on bikes that come as standard with Racing Quattro's, Racing 3's or Racing Zero's. Any bike where this upgrade can apply has the below written in the description:

    "Click here for Fulcrum Racing Quattro Carbon upgrade"

    Prices as follows:
    Bikes specified with:
    Fulcrum Racing Quattro - Upgrade cost of £750 SRP
    Fulcrum Racing 3             - Upgrade cost of £620 SRP
    Fulcrum Racing Zero       - Upgrade cost of £385 SRP

    De Rosa bikes           Argon 18 Bikes              Orro Bikes

    For more details please speak to your local De rosa, Argon 18 or Orro stockist.