Custom Kit

Fully Customise From Helmets to Socks and Everything Inbetween!

We offer a fast, efficient and simple design and order service with a huge range of custom cycle clothing and accessories options:

Northwave - Custom Cycle Clothing and Accessories for road, MTB, freeride, triathlon and kids! Hand made in Italy and Europe.

Catlike – Custom Helmets hand made in Spain.

DeFeet – The most highly regarded custom socks and cycle accessories hand made in America. 

Northwave Custom Clothing

Northwave Custom Project is designed to meet the needs of everyone who wants to have their own tailormade garment with their own particular design and the colours they want, of everyone who wants to be recognized and stand out in the group, of everyone who loves to feel different and wants something unique. Northwave Custom Project uses the best materials on the market today and customizes them tapping the technology and experience the company has acquired over the years. Seven product lines, many different Semi-Custom graphic proposals, and the Full Custom Design Development: this is the project that meets the needs of everyone, from amateur long-distance cyclists to top professionals. Made in Italy.

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• Allows you and your team to utilise Northwave’s years of cycleclothing experience in your own custom designed kit
• Fully custom or template based designs and colour schemes
• Various and multiple logo position options
• Minimum order of only 30 mixed pieces
• Minimum 10 peices per garment type
• Discount for larger orders
• 2D and 3D artwork visuals provided
• Only pay 30% deposit and not until final artwork approval
• Short lead times of only 6-8 weeks
Sport Collection jersey prices from just £23.40 +VAT

Defeet Custom Kit For Your Feet, Arms & Hands

Defeet can make custom socks, overshoes, gloves, arm and leg warmers in various materials that they use for their standard items as listed below:

Aireators, Classicos, Woolie Boolies, Slipstreams, Dura Gloves,  Handskins and more.

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Catlike Custom Helmets

Catlike offer 3 levels of customisation on their helmets:

Option A - Add a small logo or peice of text to an existing helmet

Option B - Customise the colours and logos of a helmet

Option C - Fully customise the colours, graphics and logos/text.

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