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From little things big things grow!

This insight is as old as our planet itself. In the end, even the biggest mammut tree emerges from a tiny seed. As simple and as natural as this truth may sound, we have to remind ourselves of it again and again in our daily routine: it will motivate us to start a project and it makes us less impatient when the big target still seems so far away. To quote Laotse: “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” And at Deuter we know a lot about travelling… We have been developing backpacks and bags for 113 years and have equipped numerous mountaineers, climbers and mountain bikers. We live outdoors and we are aware of our responsibility to protect this beautiful environment for generations to come.

An excellent example of Deuter design, the ultra light SpeedLite 10, made with Deuter's RipStop material for everything you can throw at it.

Deuter Speed lite 10

At Deuter, there is one thing we all strongly believe in: small actions can bring big changes. We know that this is true. After all, our products most of the time grow from a small idea. Not in the office, but mainly outdoors, in action or while travelling. And then, one day, the finalised backpack is out there in nature with us.

We are very much looking forward to taking many small steps with you and preserve this beautiful planet for future generations!


Your Deuter Team

The range:

  • SpeedLite - Whether you use it for adventure racing, alpine sport-climbing or on longer trekking tours – the overall weight you carry can be substantially reduced with the SpeedLite range.
  • Road One - The new backpack for road racers, specifically engineered for road cycling that brings the end of bulging jersey pockets.
  • Race - These quick Race packs for bikers are athletic and sleek. They are the perfect lightweight partner for those who only want to take the bare minimum.
  • Compact - Small, light and fast, this sleek range is for when you need less on your back and a comfortably tight fit. This range utilises Airstripes Technology in order to keep your back cool.
  • Attack - The more adventurous of the range, a tight fitting range of MTB oriented backpacks featuring Deuter’s Shield Technology for increased back protection.
  • TransAlpine - Designed and proven for mountain bike trans-alps but do with it what you want. This all-rounder is perfectly suited to almost any activity with all its smart features.
  • Super Bike – The do it all range. The youngest member of the legendary bike pack dynasty proves it can live up to all the great expectations.
  • Cross Bike - The compact biker pack with its legendary Airstripes System is a faithful and well-loved partner with clever features and a fresh, new design.
  • Cross Air - This multi-talented pack for longer day tours has a lot of potential: the pole attachments make it the perfect companion for bike & hike trips.
  • Giga bike - The Giga is the king of everyday backpacks. With compartments for Laptop, folder and all other essentials it is just the perfect companion for school, uni or city.
  • Operate - On your way to the office, the lecture or on a business trip – the Operate organises your gear: the laptop safely rests in a padded sleeve, while books and folders are easily accommodated.
  • Ultra Bike - Adapted to the back anatomy of a child – our young bike pack member makes sure that the kids ride in the same style as their parents and are kitted out with the best functions. 

Deuters Airstripe Pro system and Shield system for back protection and breathability