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Catlike started manufacturing “Made in Spain” helmets throughout the world 15 years ago. Mixino, the new top of the range family, represents the latest creation endorsed by the Catlike team. The design complexity and the numerous intrinsic technologies that go into the Mixino involve a sophisticated and complex production process that needs the wise skills of a highly qualified team searching for absolute perfection.

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The Times - Catlike brings Graphene to the peloton.
"Graphene, a wonder material which as well as proving remarkably efficient at conducting heat and electricity, is also incredibly strong and, importantly, light"

Thanks to CAT-LAB, the intern laboratory of Catlike, and daily use of it by professional enginers, Catlike are the first in line to present the use of GRAPHENE Nanofibre in their helmets. All research, study and test done with this innovating material have been focused on improving safety and lightness with the result of better performance for the final consumer.

Graphene is a totally new material, derived from graphite, and it has very interesting physical and chemical properties that mean it's up to 200 times more resistant than steel, and is extremely light. 

MPS EvO System
The innovative retention system MPS (Multi-Position-System) allows optimizing the comfort of the helmet thanks to its 4 point adjustment system. Designed to adapt to any head size. A thorough and in-depth study on head ergonomics together with the experience acquired throughout all these years has allowed us to perfect our methods, thereby achieving with the MPS eVo an outstanding protection and maximum comfort. This comes as standard with Mixino, Whisper, Vacuum and Chrono Aero WT helmets.

Catlike's unique design
The unique design of the Catlike helmets is not only based on aesthetics. The air intakes have been strategically positioned so that any impact will aect more than one nerve (CES). In the event of a crash, the energy generated will spread through the honeycomb-type structure, significantly increasing the head's safety. 

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