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Birzman product Maha Apogee III pump featured in RCUK 100 2016

Official sponosor of Jerome Clementz, winner of countless world titles and Pro Tour Team Lampre-Merida

“To make maintenance easy, fun and enjoyable, provide the right tool for the job, and share our passion for biking with all riders.”

“We believe in giving riders the power to set their own boundaries, to have the freedom to explore their own limits and to test themselves to the fullest. We empower riders to focus on a journey of continuity, without constrains or delays, keeping the focus on themselves. The way we give riders this freedom is by making our products exquisitely designed, enduring and user friendly.”

From their immaculately designed offices set in the beautiful Birzman compound, the 15 strong design team are surrounded by nature, and it is no surprise that nature so often provides the inspiration for their award winning tool designs.


Witness the Zacoo pump inspired by a tree trunk, the Dragonfly chain tool, and the Feexman multi tool both as light as a feather but when unfurled, delivers a bewildering array of tool options. The design process is paramount, and Birzman’s designers are expert at identifying a cycling problem, brainstorming a solution, and then setting about delivering that solution in the most simple, functional and useful way possible.

The results speak for themselves with no less than 5 award winning products, plus universal recognition from in and outside the bike industry by Design organisations like iF and Red Dot. Birzman have a come a long way in a very short time and there is no sign of the innovation stopping soon.

Post the prototyping stage Birzman designers seek initial feedback from customers, riders and the team. This feedback is collated, and then the real work begins to refine the tool design with their manufacturing partners. Only when the product has met Birzman’s exacting standards for quality, innovation, and functionality will the tool be taken to market.

Out on the trail and on the open road is where enthusiast and pro-riders like XC world champion Jose Hermida get to experience the Birzman difference. Using tools so light they do not weigh down your jersey pocket, so beautiful that they demand to be touched, and so functional that you will make excuses to repair bikes that are not yet broken.

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