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De Rosa 2020 E-Bike Ultegra Racing6

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The De Rosa E-Bike is an aesthetic marvel and a seriously effective integration of pedal assisted power within a lightweight performance road frame. The prestigious Italian brand have distilled everything they've learnt over generations of producing bicycles at the cutting edge of design and style to produce this - their first electric bike.

De Rosa Say - 'An E-Bike made with the utmost care and precision in every single detail the De Rosa E-Bike is designed to encapsulate all elements that are present in every great road bike.'

Now a firm favourite for cycle tour athletes on rest days and during rigorous training regimes the benefits of electrically assisted road bikes are being felt all over the world. Where most electric bikes have large battery and motor units, to drive additional weight and overcome rolling resistance, the demands on electric road (e-road) bikes are very different. As road bikes are innately lighter and faster rolling than hybrid or mountain bikes the electric system can be optimised for the specific use case. De Rosa have done this by integrating a new generation Bafang M800 motor and battery unit, the combined weight of which is just 2.3 kg, to their own high grade carbon fibre frame weighing only 1.7 kg. This provides a competitive total bike weight of just 12 kg.

De-Rosas' E-Bike capitalises on the less is more design ethos by providing just the right amount of range and power without adding any excessive weight. Any negative impact on the handling has been eliminated by locating the motor centrally and perfectly integrating the battery into the frame for a low centre of gravity. Using a smaller motor and reduced capacity battery makes this e-road bike an incredibly exciting and engaging ride by complimenting the natural capabilities of the rider. The total range on a full charge is rated to 50 miles of assistance. Actual range may be more or less depending on the level of assistance chosen in addition to the route, rider, and weather conditions.

Outside of the electric system bike the De Rosa E-Bike has been finished with some of the best parts the world of road cycling has to offer. The fully integrated cable routing creates a clean look whilst also enhancing the aerodynamics. The Fulcrum Racing 6 carbon road wheelset also features aerodynamic deep section rims for wind cheating performance. 


De Rosa, flatmount, thru axle

Fork: De Rosa, flatmount, thru axle

Fulcrum R600 DB

Seatpost: De Rosa Carbon

Motor: Bafang - M800, 250Watt, 50Nm Torque 

Battery: 250Wh

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  • De Rosa lightweight peformance e-road frame
  • Bafang M800 pedal assist motor, with frame integrated removable 250 Wh battery
  • Full internal cable routing for a clean aesthetic and aerodynamically optimised performance
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