The benchmark for stems, clamps and seatposts

The best there is, and few would argue. There is no better stem or post for your bike than a Thomson.

Thomson components began life in the mid-1990’s, when aerospace engineer Loronzo H. “Ronnie” Thomson used his expertise to design a seatpost for his daughter, who was a member of the Carnegie Mellon University cycling team. Instead of making a seatpost similar to many available at the time, Ronnie created a one-piece post that was both incredible strong and unbelievably light. Ronnie went on to patent his new seatpost and Thomson components was born.

Thomson have lost none of their passion for crafting the best equipment possible, with the aim of giving their customers a superior riding experience. All their parts are constructed with innovation and excellence in mind. Since Ronnie designed that first seatpost in the mid-1990s, Thomson have produced a plethora of patented bike components designed specifically to give the best possible riding experience.