Reach your goals faster with Named Sport

Based on a true passion for sports and on a strong pharmaceutical experience, Namedsport launched with the aim of promoting a healthy, innovative and effective hydration and fueling.

In cycling the body is depleted by intense riding and then recovers - the body builds up resistance resulting in better performance over time. The body's compensation for lost energy is also enhanced and its ability to store energy for use on the road is increased.

For this reason, the speed and quality of the recovery is very much influenced by the quality and quantity of the food you eat. The quality of Proteins eaten is important as it effects muscle recovery and the replacement of fluids and glycogen stores.

Pre-training Hypertonic drinks will provide energy during the ride and will also keep fluid levels up. Energy bars and gels too are crucial when riding for prolonged periods.

Namedsport offers specially formulated products which are used by pro tour teams, to maintain the highest performance levels possible. Hydrafit hypotonic drinks for fluid replacement, Total Energy gels and bars, Isonam Energy Hypotonic drink and BCAA’s to recover from hard training rides.

Pro Athletes also entrust their nutritional needs to Namedsport. UAE Team Emerites, Astana Pro Team, Bahrain Merida and Trek Segafredo all use Namedsport products in training and competition. Namedsport also are the official nutritional sponsor of the Giro d'Italia, Vuelta a'Espana and Tour de Yorkshire as well as other high-profile races like Milan - San Remo and Il Lombardia.