Fulcrum Wheels

The UK service centre for Fulcrum. Since 2004, Fulcrum has developed wheels for bikes with a constant objective in mind: to deliver the best performance that modern technology can offer.

Fulcrum Wheels s.r.l. designs wheels and components for racing bikes and distributes them to over 30 countries worldwide.

Based in Vicenza, Fulcrum Wheels s.r.l. was established in 2004 by three aerospace engineers who are passionate about bicycles. Initially Fulcrum wheels were designed for road racing, but the company quickly realised the size of the market for other cycling disciplines and in 2008 introduced two new members to the existing line of road wheels: off-road wheels and pedal cranks. Quickly the off-road wheels revealed themselves to be worthy of the Fulcrum name, achieving excellent results, and the pedal cranks established Fulcrum in the high-end range of components.

Fulcrum only uses ultralight materials such as aluminium, carbon fibre and polyamide, while paying careful attention not to diminish the wheel’s strength. Fulcrum are constantly innovating and have developed a number of systems that are unique in the world: 2:1 Two-to-one, for doubling the number of spokes at critical points, Dynamic Balance, for obtaining a constantly balanced rotation dynamic, MoMag, which ensures a durable assembly and perfect spoke holding, and A.F.S. (Axial Fixing System) for complete compatibility with all the off-road disc braking systems.

Fulcrum has also entered the world of tubeless road wheels, proposing the innovative 2-Way Fit system: an exclusive rim profile that makes it possible to fit either a tubeless tire or a classic clincher on the same wheel.