German engineered backpacks since 1898

Developing backpacks and bags for 113 years for mountaineers, climbers and mountain bikers. Deuter pride themselves on making the highest quality backpacks on the market!

To quote Lao-tse: “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” Deuter know a lot about travelling… They have been developing backpacks and bags for 113 years and have equipped numerous mountaineers, climbers and mountain bikers.

Starting out at the turn of the 19th Century, Deuter first supplied the Bavarian Postal service with their mail bags. As time went on, Deuter began supplying more services with their well-crafted and resilient bags, namely the military. The first real test for Deuter backpacks came on the Nanga Parbat Expedition in 1934. Even then, Deuter’s Tauern set high standards and became a household name for the next 30 years.  The following years saw Deuter equip several expeditions.

Over this period, Deuter made a number of advances, including the use of nylon and quickly became recognised as the leading manufacturer of rucksacks in Germany. Soon mountaineers, mountain guides and bikers joined the development team and began to have a direct influence on the collection.

The first cycling specific rucksack is released in 1990 to satisfy the growing popularity of mountain biking. Since then, Deuter have continued to develop innovative solutions for outdoor activities and stay at the forefront of the market.

At Deuter, there is one thing that is strongly believed in: small actions can bring big changes. The inspiration for their products comes from being outdoors, in action or while travelling, and grow from these small ideas. And then, one day, the finalised backpack is out there in nature with adventurers that began the process.

Deuter's Values are a key part of what makes them so unique. Every detail of how they work together is carefully thought through and based on their values as a company. Just as they take care with each bag they make, so they have also taken care when deciding how to best operate in all that they do.  

They enjoy their work 

This is what motivates and drives Deuter. With their authentic passion they can inspire their customers and convince them of Deuter products.

Outdoor sports are at the heart of Deuter

Their products are engineered to perform in the outdoors. Everyone at Deuter takes personal responsibility to protecting the environment and to preserving nature for generations to come.

Deuter strives for long-term success 

They do not believe in short term profit maximization. The fusion of economy, ecology and social commitment is the foundation for a safe future at Deuter.

Safety is important 

This includes a safe job as well as safe wages. They can guarantee this thanks to the company‘s high reputation as well as their sustainable corporate approach, which is the core of the company.

We believe in a good work climate 

It guarantees a high identification with the company, the brand and their daily tasks. Their down-to-earth approach to work is defined by an open, trustful way of dealing with each other. Mutual respect is essential, in particular when it comes to integrating new colleagues.

Individuality is their creative core 

Every single employee has the opportunity to realize and develop him-/herself. This requires the dedication to work independently – a dedication that has to be lived by each employee. Deuter are committed to educate and train young people, to foster their personality as well as their professional expertise.

Reliability plays a key role for Deuter 

Deuter fulfil their promises and are prepared to be measured by them. They take full responsibility for mistakes and are eager to always solve them to our customers’ complete satisfaction. They are reachable for our customers, business partners as well as colleagues and they believe in maintaining long business relations.

Specialization allows Deuter to stay true to their key competence 

This is what enables them to always be innovative and to stay ahead of the rest of the market. This is a crucial factor, because Deuter’s success is based on the brand‘s strong reputation. The competence applies to all levels: their products as well as all of their services.

Market orientation is the key to making customers happy

Deuter products are not overloaded with superfluous extras – every single feature brings a true customer benefit. Similarly, all their services are customer oriented. They are continuously working on improving both by staying in close dialogue with their business partners and customers.

Their target: the highest expertise 

Deuter want to perfectly understand and master every single thing they do. A high demand that involves all levels: from customer service to staff training. They embrace complex challenges. Deuter are focused and ambitious and are always looking for the best solution.

Deuter is a fully authentic brand 

Deuter are passionate about their work and the outcome. Every team member is active and loves the outdoors. They are a down-to-earth company and they stay grounded – even during great business periods. This mentality is reflected in their integrity and their friendly, loyal way of dealing with each other and every Deuter customer.