Gemini Lights

Gemini Lights

Established in 2010, Gemini Lights is a new leading contender in the high performance LED bike light industry. As a rider-owned company, they understand the requirements of what is acceptable and what is not.

Building and testing products is something they absolutely love to do. Having recruited only the top experts in the field, Gemini engineer products with creativity and innovation. They are meticulous and take pride in their work with perfect execution.

Our plans to join the ranks with top leading light manufacturers is a goal we constantly remind ourselves of. To establish that first step, we strive to provide high-end quality lights that speak for themselves. Understandably, high quality comes with high price - or does it? We believe the two can actually exist hand-in-hand. It's crazy, but it can be done. We are consumers ourselves and we have always kept you in mind.


Our promise is to give you the best products without the premium price tag. Currently, our customers encompass regular commuters who ride to work daily and adrenaline junkies who trail-blaze in the mountains in the dead of night. Whoever you might be, there's a Gemini Light for each of you.

“Gemini measures their lumens in an integrating sphere (A very expensive piece of equipment) in CREE's labs. It's fairly common for manufacturer's to state claimed lumens over their actual output. Gemini believe in honest out-the-front lumens.
In light reviews, Gemini are consistently praised for this.”

Founded in Victoria B.C., Canada, Gemini Lights now has an established locations in Hong Kong and China with exclusive manufacturing facilities.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to you is to deliver a light that you are proud to be an owner of. We know the amount of love and joy you give to your bikes and beloved components. Whether you use your lights for commuting or mountain biking, we understand it is an essential part of your riding experience.

We are committed to providing our fellow riders with functional and durable cycle lights to make your night riding a safe and enjoyable experience.

We are a team of riders, for riders. We are passionate about cycling and our customer service is second-to-none.

Warm regards,

Director & Founder

Christopher Lai