As worn by Mark Cavendish of Team Omega-Pharma Quickstep

Premium American Made Sports Socks and Accessories

In 1992 Shane Cooper stood before a knitting machine given to him by his father and began experimenting. His invention fueled the start of DeFeet. Cooper discovered a way to knit athletic socks that was completely new to the market, by taking traditional knitting methods and reversing them. His product, the Air•E•Ator® sparked a revolution in ahtletic socks that continues today. DeFeet is a company that often turns traditional methodology on its head en route to finding new solutions for athletes. This spirit propels the company into new product categories such as those in our award winning Un•D•System™ baselayering apparel. 2005 marks more special advancements with the introduction of the Levi•T•Ator™ and Acti•V•Ator™ line of socks. Like the entire DeFeet line, these new introductions were inspired by athletics and a quest for greater performance. Not everyone is a racer, but everyone can benefit from lessons learned on the world’s most difficult courses. DeFeet’s strength comes from racing. DeFeet’s state-of-the-art factory is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Here our manufacturing strength is melded with the company’s spirit and design prowess. DeFeet knows that our customers are not ordinary. You don’t settle for less. You know that once you have experienced better, there is no going back. You don’t want to wear items that have been churned out for the masses. You want true craftsmanship. Craftsmanship is on display every day at DeFeet. Whether it’s a stock item or something from our Custom Shop, precise attention to detail abounds. Collectively, the DeFeet staff has literally centuries of knitting experience. Spirit, strength and craftsmanship. These elements exist at DeFeet to create the best performing products of their kind. It’s why DeFeet is “Made for Driven Soles.”

Custom Socks By Defeet

Defeet started here, making custom socks for clubs and teams in small batches. They've been doing it now for 20 years. No one else in the industry can say that because no one else was around when they started. Defeet don't rest on laurels. Their Custom craftspeople work for the same goal: to build the finest custom knit goods in the world. Their Shop is special to everyone who works there because of what they have been able to achieve, together. There are many reasons DeFeet Custom products have been worn to ride, run, and ski to more titles at the highest level of sport than any other brand. But what matters most every day is that Defeet treat your order the same as they do the Tour de France winner or the President of the United States. 
As the UK distributor for Defeet we also handle all custom orders so if you are interested in this then please call us and we'll help you out. For more information on custom orders please see this web page.