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Technically-premium UK Handmade Cycling Care

Born from a wealth of experience in car care products, with many awards to their name, they wanted to combine their passion of cycling with their knowledge and expertise in automotive detailing. Crankalicious was created.
Crankalicious seek to create the best, most technically-proficient products possible, using the highest quality ingredients they can find, presented in the most convenient, ecologically-sound packaging. And they're handmade in small batches, in a small Essex town, not far from Stansted airport in the UK. As keen cyclists, you will often find them trying to climb a mountain, riding a sportive or tackling challenges they are never entirely sure they'll finish. But enjoy the journey...
It's this knowledge of cycling, in all its forms, that brought Crankalicious the desire to create a range of products that they'd be proud to share with fellow cyclists.

Cycle Care Range:

Crankalicious have designed a full care range from when your bike first comes in dirty to improving and maintaining the finish when looking its best.

1. Remove

The cycle care process starts with a dirty bike, fresh from a long ride or in your garage ready for a good clean. First step: the removal of all that detritus and grime, so that you can then work on those surfaces beneath.

Products like the Pineapple Express Bike Cleaner, Limon Velo Degreaser and the Gumchained Chain Cleaner make light work of this first step. There are also many other products to aid this, the messiest phase, including a Merino specific kit wash. 

Crankalicious Remove

2. Improve

Once the dirt and grime is gone, it's time to improve the finish. Not only will your bike look better, but protection products can bond better for superior performance.

Products to bring out the best in your bike include frame polish for carbon and metal frames in matt or gloss and quality polishing and buffing cloths.

Crankalicious Improve

3. Protect

You've removed the grime. You've improved the look. Now it's time to protect that finish with the range of sealants, waxes and lubricants.

Products include Crisp Frame Hybrid Wax and Enduro Frame Sealant for a stunning finish and easier cleaning in future.

Crankalicious Protect


Enhance your cycle care regime with a range of specialist accessories. They'll work quite happily with other products, but they're tried and tested to perform superbly with Crankalicious products.


A selection of products brought together in kits appropriate for specific bike types or uses.

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