New CPC Airing Technology from Prologo

10 Jan 2017


In developing their CPC technology, expert Italian saddle designers bring CPC Airing to market.

After several years of success with their innovative CPC technology, Prologo continues to push the envelope in the world of saddles, with their innovative new CPC ‘Airing’.

CPC Airing surfaces feature micro cylinders raised several millimetres from the surface of the saddle, arranged in hexagonal groups and manufactured from a Nano Technology polymer with outstanding durability. Saddles that utilise CPC Airing have the technology applied to selected areas on the surface where it has been found to be the most effective. This provides greater shock absorption, grip and airflow than previous designs, and is a product of extensive feedback by Peter Sagan and Alberto Contador.

Airing Banner

Shock & vibration absorbing

Prologo found that the majority of road vibrations and shocks are transmitted to the rider through the saddle and handlebar. Compared to a standard saddle cover, the CPC Airing is able to absorb a huge amount of these vibrations providing the rider with increased comfort, reduced fatigue and faster recovery. The new CPC Airing increases shock absorption by 15% when compared with untreated saddles.


The hexagonal cylinders on the surface of the CPC Airing offer superb grip for the rider. They are effective in all weather conditions and allow the rider to stay fixed in the saddle when they find that perfect spot, providing higher performance.

Air cooling

The shape of the polymer cylinders places the rider above the lower surface of the saddle, creating a small air gap. The result is an “air flow effect” that improves ventilation, reducing heat. This air flow effect is improved by 10% compared previous designs.

You can find the technology applied to the following saddles:

Zero C3

2017 Prologo - CPC Airing Zero C3 Nack

The Zero C3 is Prologo's flagship road saddle featuring the best of saddle technology. This is an out and out race saddle, or for those that ride at race speeds and will settle for no less than the best. C3 CPC AIRING is the ultimate expression of innovation and technology combined with a “minimal design”. C3 carbon fibre “carbon composite compound” together with patented CPC “Connect Power Control”, ensure high performances, lightness, comfort and structural rigidity. In combination with the benefits of CPC AIRING technology: grip, anti-vibration and shock absorption, the C3 CPC AIRING saddles , reaches the highest level of innovation and performance.

Available in Black and Black/White.

Nago Evo
2017 Prologo - CPC Airing Nago Evo Nack

The Nago Evo is a unisex semi round saddle ideal for medium to long distance road and XC riding. It offers great versatility for riders that like a choice of riding positions. It's equally suited to weekend rides and racing.

Available in Black, Black/White and Anthracite/Black.

Scratch 2
2017 Prologo - CPC Airing Scratch 2 Nack

The Scratch is a high performance unisex saddle. Verstaile, the Scratch 2 is the ideal companion on road and off, no matter how long the ride.

Available in Black, Black/White and Anthracite/Black.


Zero II
2017 Prologo - CPC Airing Zero II Nack

A high performance saddle, ideal for short to medium distance riding where a frequent change in position is necessary. Full nano carbon fibre rails.

Available in Black, Black/White and Anthracite/Black.

Prologo - My Own

To find out which saddle is right for you, you can go to a dealer and use Prologo’s MyOwn fit system which takes a few measurements, including the width of your sit bones, lumbar flexibility and your BMI to suggest the ideal option.

Rounded Scratch saddles are ideal for riders with low lumbar flexibility, flat Zero saddles are intended for those with a high level of lumbar flexibility, and semi-round Nago saddles are for those wo fall in the middle of the two.

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