Fulcrum Demo Program

08 Feb 2013

Fulcrum Try 'Me Demo Programme' In Association with Continental

There is a huge Italian tradition of cycle engineering excellence and Fulcrum was born from the very heart of it. Competition testing with world level athletes and the expertise Fuclrum’s engineers possess means Fulcrum have become known for developing unsurpassed products with excellent performance, durability and market leading innovation.

The 'Try Me Demo Programe' is your chance to have a first hand expereince of just how good a Fulcrum wheel system is, especially when fitted with the most advanced tyres available. All wheels come fitted with range topping Continental rubber.


Visit one of our wheel stockists to try these wheels for a up to 3 days.

Red Power XL Red
Power 29 XL
Red Wind 50 Clincher
Red Wind 80 XLR
Racing 5 CX Clincher
Racing 3 Black Clincher
Racing 1 Clincher
Racing Zero 2 way fit
Red Zone
Red Metal 3
Red Metal 0 XRP
Red Heat


Please note:A deposit may be required and a small postage fee charged which may be refunded if you purchase the wheels from the shop you demo them with. Participating dealers only. Demonstration programme may be subject to the individual stockists terms and conditions.

Notes For Participating Stockists All wheels will be invoiced to your shop account and are your responsibility during the demo period. The invoiced amount will be fully credited when the wheels and tyres are returned undamaged and within 5 working days. Failure to return the wheels within the 5 days will unfortunately result in your shop being excluded from the Demo programme in the future.